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        SANGEETOTSAVA 2023
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Every year, Austin Kannada Sangha proudly hosts Sangeetotsava, presenting our community an opportunity to perform and showcase their talent. We honor our poets and saints through continuing their rich legacy of music and devotion. Below are our guidelines for artists interested in performing in this year's sangeetotsava

ನಿಯಮ - ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯ ಮಾಹಿತಿ / Rules and General Information

1. Performance should be in Kannada and Sanskrita Language ONLY
2. Only one entry per participant is allowed in either solo or a group performance ( Cannot have entry in  both)
    a. To provide a platform for more participants during this 3-hour event, we would highly encourage more group participation
3. Registration must be complete by 10 PM January 19, 2023
4. Spaces are limited and available on a first come first served basis
5. Your participation is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from AKS committee. Email will be sent once registration period ends
6. Time limit for individual performance is 5 min and for group performance  8 min
7. Solo participants must be of age 12 years or older
8. For Group Participation:
     a. Participants of age 8 and below should be part of group performance with a minimum group size of 3
     b. Participants of age 9 and above could be part of group performance with a minimum group size of 2

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